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The story of Dear Esther is believed to be centered around one specific car accident, which is explained partially by The Narrator throughout the game. The least to say is that its very ambiguous, just like its characters, environments and items, which are all open for speculation on what exactly they are, and what role they play.

Especially the finale of Dear Esther is very open-ended, leaving tons of questions to be answered, or leaves you to wonder whether there is truly a story at hand. Because of this, many fan theories have been posted on the forums expressing their visions on the story.

It is good to realise that the script is meant to be vague, unclear and purposefully doesn't add up towards the climax of the game. This has been confirmed by Dan Pinchbeck himself, who is of the opinion that there is simply no canon ending, meaning that the players themselves are free to choose how they think it should be interpreted.

Fan Theories[]

A vast collection of fan theories can be found below. There are a number of similarities between fan theories, and not all ideas can possibly be looked into seperatly. As a result, theories will be merged to add more information to a general idea of a theory rather than having tons and tons of very similar ones that really just are one theory all-together. Admins on the wiki are selected as curators and verify each single theory. Theories will be ranked upon their popularity as they appear on the list.

  1. Esther-Donnelly and Paul-Jakobson are 2 persons instead of 4 seperate individuals.
  2. Paul is the Narrator all along the story.