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The Hermit
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Unknown

The Hermit is a figure of legend or a fable which originated from the island.


According to The Narrator the Hermit was a holy man who sought solitude "in its most purest of forms." It is said that The Hermit travelled to the island in a boat with a hole in the bottom with the hope of conversing with the sea creatures. Upon arriving at the island it is said that the cliffs opened to provide him shelter.

The Hermit is seen by visitors to the island as a sort of saintly figure not unlike a patron saint (mainly of solitude). Many visitors including the shepherds who once inhabited the island, The Narrator and Donnelly (and possibly Jakobson) have traditionally left gifts at the mouth of the caves for the Hermit to claim, however, there haven't been any reported cases of these gifts being claimed. The Narrator suspects that only the gifts of the "worthy" will be accepted by the Hermit.

Physical appearance[]

The Hermit does not physically appear in the game, however, is mentioned by The Narrator on numerous occasions. Donnelly wrote about the Hermit in his book, which is where The Narrator most likely heard the story.

Lines of dialogue[]

"Donnelly reported the legend of the hermit; a holy man who sought solitude in its most pure form. Allegedly, he rowed here from the mainland in a boat without a bottom, so all the creatures of the sea could rise at night to converse with him. How disappointed he must have been with their chatter."

"There must be a hole in the bottom of the boat. How else could new hermits have arrived?"

"The shepherds left gifts for him at the mouth of the cave, but Donnelly records they never claimed to have seen him. I have visited the cave and I have left my gifts, but like them, I appear to be an unworthy subject of his solitude."


  • It is possible, like all of its previous inhabitants, that the hermit still inhabits the island as one of the ghosts sighted.
  • In Dan Pinchbeck's notes, it is implied that The Hermit is more of a title than an individual and that Donnelly, Jakobson and the Narrator all became a Hermit at some point or another.
  • In the game's files, The sound file for "Come Back" sound is named "hermitwhisper.mp3".