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The Beacon
Game Dear Esther
Level 4

The Beacon is the fourth level that appears in Dear Esther and thus the final part of your journey on the Hebridean island.


The beacon is the shortest segment of the game and the most linear. There is really only one path to take, and it leads up to the aerial tower. Along the path are various shrines. Candles mark your journey and near the end are wall-murals quoting segments of the Bible, particularly Acts 20.



TBA (NOTE: All dialogues which appear in this level should be placed here, exactly as they appear in-game. Number them chronologically and situate these. Example:

On the Beach

  • Narrator: "I returned home with a pocket full of stolen ash. Half of it fell out of my coat and vanished into the car's upholstery. But the rest I carefully stowed away in a box I kept in a drawer by the side of my bed. It was never intended as a meaningful act but over the years it became a kind of talisman. I'd sit still, quite still, for hours just holding the diminishing powder in my palm and noting its smoothness. In time, we will all be worn down, into granules, washed into the sea and dispersed."
  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"

Inside the cave

  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"

On the hill after cave

  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"
  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"
  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"
  • Any of the 4 main characters: "Blablabla"

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  • One of the dialogues mentions flying away and leaving twin vapor trails in the air. If you search the clouds, you may see these vapor trails.
  • There is a "Danger: keep out" sign on the gateway to the Beacon, however, the sign is on the inside facing inside of the fence. It is possible that this sign is warning people away from the island suggesting that it is dangerous. Though it is also a possibility that this was a developer oversight.
    Keep out

    The mesh gateway leading up to the beacon. Notice how the warning sign is facing the inside of the gate.


  • The levels file in the maps folder is named 'Paul'.
  • In the bunker-like building near the fenced path, a wedding ring has been left on the window sill. It might be the narrator's who took it off before "leaving" the island.