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Lighthouse building front
Level The Lighthouse
Current state Abandoned

The lighthouse is a building featured in the first chapter of the game and is the very first construction which players are presented to explore. It is in a state of disrepair and completely abandoned.


Being in an abandoned and disrepairable state, the lighthouse shows no sign of activity and is unable to warn any ships or travelers from going aground, resulting in many shipwrecks across the island. It is so dark inside that the narrator is forced to use a flashlight. It contains many rusty household items, books and furniture, although all of the latter are inoperative. The outbuilding contains a boiler and a huge stack of fluorescent painting. The top of the lighthouse was supposedly reachable by climbing a spiraling staircase, but can now only be observed as the staircase has a gap that collapsed a long time ago.

It is unclear whether the building was ever used properly, as the island may or may not be real (although it is implied at one occasion that the first half of the island could be a real existing place within the story). It is also unclear whether any of the 4 characters have ever arrived on the island by going ashore at the lighthouse, although it is likely since the narrator starts his story at this specific place. A ghost can occasionally be seen at the top of the lighthouse which supports this theory even more.



No associated monologues


  • The first of all ghosts can be found transparently rushing past the window of the outbuilding as you approach it, and occasionally at the top of the lighthouse staircase.
  • The musical sheets found on the floor inside the lighthouse are a reference to (To do!).