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Possible Photo of Esther (located in Chapter 4)
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Status Dead

Esther, more commonly referred to as Dear Esther, is one of the four main characters of the story.


It is possible that Esther is the dead wife of the Narrator. She may have been killed in a car crash also involving her husband, with Paul as the driver of the other car. There are hints throughout the game that if this theory of Esther is the correct one, she may have also been pregnant at the time of her death.

Possible ultrasound and broken eggs

Physical appearance[]

  • Esther was born with a large birthmark across her face. According to the story the Narrator told, doctors were stunned into silence and she cried to fill the void. The birthmark had long since faded by the time the Narrator and Esther met.



  • Called "Esther Donnelly" in the game's final scene.
  • She's either Italian or at least of Italian descent.


Possible photo of Esther.