Dear Esther Wiki

There are 4 main characters in Dear Esther named Paul, Jakobson, Esther and Donnelly. They may or may not be 4 seperate individuals, as 2 possible combinations of the 4 are revealed throughout the game (Read below).


  • Paul
    • Believed to be the husband of Esther.
  • Jakobson
    • A shepherd who lived on the island.
  • Esther
    • Main protagonist of the story, and believed to be the wife of Paul or the Narrator.
  • Donnelly
    • A 18th century writer who has written a book on the Hebridean islands (Possibly the ones the players are walking).
  • The Narrator
    • The players. Believed to be multiple people talking, or Paul all alone (impossible to determine).


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about Dear Esther. Proceed at your own risk! Make sure to have played the game at least once.

It is believed that depending on how the narrator speaks, Paul and Esther are the only 2 possible persons involved in the story of the car accident. Their names are revealed to be Paul Jakobson and Esther Donnelly at the very end of The Beacon in one of the two final monologues. In fact, it is even believed and suggested that Paul and the Narrator are one and the same person, making it so that the Narrator is telling their story of the car accident. Whether this is true or not cannot be confirmed, as there is no specific canon ending.

It could simply mean that Esther is a descendant of Donnelly, and that Paul is a descendant of Jakobson, coincidentically 2 figures that are related to each other on the same island.